Respirator Info

Minimum OSHA Requirements

  • Written PPE Hazard Assessment of all job tasks.
  • Medical evaluations prior to respirator use
  • Annual Respirator Training
  • Annual Respirator Fit Testing
  • Written Respirator Program
  • Written filter and cartridge change schedules
  • Written employee consent to voluntarily use respirators
  • Periodic program evaluation by the employer

Dust Masks ARE "Respirators"

Otherwise known as "filtering facepieces" these masks ARE considered as tight-fitting facepieces by OSHA. Consequently, they fall under the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard, and must be included in all relevant program requirements, including annual fit testing, training and medical evaluation.

Respiratory Protection Services

According to OSHA / PEOSHA, all employers must evaluate the potential for exposures to their employees and assess whether respiratory protection is required.  In addition, firefighters and hazardous materials emergency first responders must utilize SCBA until they have information that allows them to downgrade.  All individuals required to wear respirators must go through a series of steps annually before they are permitted to use respiratory protection.  EHS Innovators can lead your organization through the entire process from start to finish, and make sure your Respiratory Protection Program is in compliance.

EHSI Offers...


  • Qualitative Exposure Assessments - we review each job task involving chemical exposure to qualitatively evaluate high risk tasks or individuals with possible high exposures to hazardous substances.

  • Quantitative Exposure Assessments - industrial hygiene monitoring to determine precisely which high risk workers require respirator use.

  • Professional Respirator Training by experienced Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Environmental Health & Safety Trainers (CET) using state of the art digital presentations, interactive training methods, and even computer-generated safety games.

  • Medical Evaluations - including pulmonary function testing done at your site (NJ only) by a licensed Occupational Physician

  • Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing - at your site using the latest Quantitative leak testing technology. Qualitative fit testing is also available at reduced cost.

  • Computer Documentation of your mandatory Respirator Program elements, from detailed written respirator programs to maintenance of fit testing records.

  • Expert Consultation including respirator selection guidance to improve your program. Examples include: computerized worst-case exposure analysis of environmental contaminants for hazardous waste site operations nd calculation of filter change schedules to meet OSHA requirements.